About Bonsai@RBG

The Bonsai Society at Royal Botanical Gardens (often styled “Bonsai@RBG) was founded in 2009 to serve bonsai enthusiasts in the western GTA. Our membership consists of people with experience ranging from just a few months to over forty years. As a result, our meetings cover topics ranging from basic (selecting material, repotting, basic horticulture) to advanced (grafting, heavy branch bending, deadwood creation).

In addition to our regular meetings and workshops, Bonsai@RBG typically has a number of special events each year, such as:

  • Guest bonsai professionals
  • Annual exhibitions
  • Nursery crawls to select material
  • Backyard workshops

We believe that bonsai is best learned in a one-to-one setting with people who have experience working in your climate. Come out to a meeting to see what we are all about!

For more information, check our our Meetings & Workshops or Contact Us.